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The Chop Master™ was designed and tested by our German Engineering team, its design and functionality are protected by international patents. It has a new advanced chopping system, so revolutionary it’s as if 12 knives chopping at once for every turn of the handle.


The secret is our patented triple unified processing system , it starts with 3 commercial grade surgical stainless steel blades,  each blade is precisely shaped at the tip to create a continuous chopping motion.  The 4 to 1 gear ratio means that every time you turn this handle those blades turn 4 times.

The unit was designed for maximum comfort; it has a suction cup base that keeps the chopper in place as you use it and Lockable bowl for ease of use. As well the locking lid, has a clever design to lock into place effortlessly and stays locked as you use the product. Lockable/re bowl for ease of use.